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En søt og balansert kaffe fra Honduras. Med hint av kakaonibs og honning.

Full vasket kaffe, hentet fra 25 produsenter i San Andres, Lempira, Honduras. 1600- 1800 moh

Denne Kaffebønner er en reginalblanding som inneholder: Catuai, Lempira, Pacas og IHCAFE90. (100% Arabica)



This is what our supplier says about coffee in Honduras:

Honduras is a small yet mighty coffee producer. The country boasts the largest per capita coffee productionin the world. Beginning in 2017, Honduras began placingin third place for Arabica production volume globally. For this slot, they compete with Ethiopia—a country 10times larger than Honduras. The two countries trade between third and fourth place annually, but theachievement is impressive, nonetheless.
Honduras has everything it needs to become a premierspecialty coff ee producer. The country has the rightgrowing conditions, abundant fertile soils and soaringaltitudes (nearly all farms are at more than 1,000 metersabove sea level), plus a variety of microclimates.
Beginning in the early 2000s the industry began to focuson quality. Improved infrastructure (better mechanicaldryers, centralized wet mills, an increasing number ofsolar dryers), quality control/assurance trainings(separating lots by qualities, cupping schools, etc.), therise of specialty-focused exporters, increased volumesof certifi ed coff ees and the strengthening cooperativemovement all have worked in tandem to make Honduran coffee ‘one to watch’.

Above all, while Honduras increasingly offers highend microlots, what the country arguably represents overallis exceptional value. Quality has improved massivelyover the last 15 years, and in addition to unique specialtylots, the country off ers very solid, clean blenders at veryattractive prices.

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Vanligvis klar på 2-4 dager


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  • We are specialty coffee curators. We live with the purpose of discovering new products from around the world that honor our love for coffee.

  • Our process is 100% artisanal, everything is done following the ancestral traditions of coffee. From harvesting, roasting, packaging, to labeling, everything is done manually.

  • We buy directly from farmers, ensuring to pay a fair price as we understand the challenging conditions in which they live and work.