We are...

  • Family

    We believe that all human beings are connected through many ties. The bonds that unite this family: the love for great coffee. We are the family that brings everyone together.

  • Roots

    We have a connection with the mother of Arabica Coffee, Colombia, is in our blood. Despite our love for this country, we are aware of the beauty of coffee around the world. We are experts in coffee selection.

  • Knowledge

    There's a question that's always on our minds: What other coffee can we taste? It's a question that guides us in our constant search for new experiences around coffee. We are experts in specialty coffee curation.

Coffee is Culture

Our customers say...

  • Helt fantastisk!!

    Helt fantastisk!! Anbefales til alle som elsker kaffe

  • Best coffee ever

    Best coffee ever, great place!

  • Fantastisk service

    Fantastisk service med «kaffe på døra»! Endelig skikkelig kaffe igjen

  • God service

    God service og god fagkunnskap

  • Fantastisk

    fantastisk sted og engasjement!

  • Incredible tastefull coffee

    Incredible tastefull coffee.We have been very pleased with the Coffee recomandation.